These exquisite butterflies are digitally painted and printed on rigid plastic before metamorphosing into hand-crafted bib necklaces. Each necklace is adorned with antique silver or bronze filigree findings, charms, as well as various beads and rhinstones. A touch of glitter is added for extra sparkle. The centre butterfly charms are layered for a 3-dimensional effect.

Each necklace measures 15.5" with an extra 6" adjustable chain attached in the back, and the pendant measures 2 1/4" tall by 3 1/4" wide.

**NOTE - key charm dangling below the blue butterfly may vary slightly from the picture.

About Alison

Using an electronic drawing tablet, digital drawing application, and her own imagination, Alison Spokes paints with pixels to create enchanting fairy and fantasy inspired illustrations and handmade gifts. Learn More

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