Commissions Gallery

If you are interested in requesting a commissioned fantasy portrait, please contact Alison with the details of your request.

What is required from the customer:

  • At least one photo of the person you wish to portray Facial expressions are important Digital copies are preferred
  • (optional) Any images that represent what you would like to see This includes outfits, hairstyles, ambiance, etc.
  • Payment: 50% upfront; remaining 50% upon completion

What the customer can decide on:

  • Color scheme
  • Outfit and hairstyle
  • Ambiance
  • Accessories (butterflies, flowers, etc.)


Please note that prices will vary depending on the detail of the request. For example, full body portraits will take more time and thus cost more than just a face. Hands and feet also take extra time to paint. Costs are on average $300, but could cost more or less depending on the request.

Please be aware of my style. The work I will do for you will look similar to the work you see in my other galleries. Because the work I do is digital, I have no original piece to offer you. What you get for your specified price tag is a one-of-a-kind limited edition print

You may also purchase merchandise such as key chains or magnets at an extra cost.

Please note:

By purchasing a commissioned piece, you are not purchasing the copyrights. I retain all copyrights. I would maintain the right to licence or merchandise the image, as well as use it to promote my commission work as part of my portfolio. That being said, it is unlikely that a personal portrait would work well as merchandise, so chances are I would not use it. However, on the off chance that something is created that is fun and whimsical enough to reproduce, I reserve the right to do so.

In terms of deadlines, please allow at least 6-9 weeks for a finished piece. I like to leave a wide timeframe to complete the image. My preference is to avoid a rush so I can allow myself time and focus to create something I know you will be happy with. There is always the possibility your image may be completed sooner, and I am always happy to provide progress reports when asked.

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Using an electronic drawing tablet, digital drawing application, and her own imagination, Alison Spokes paints with pixels to create enchanting fairy and fantasy inspired illustrations and handmade gifts. Learn More

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